Welcome to Buddy Ball

Buddy Ball Welcome to Buddy Ball

What Is Buddy Ball?

Buddy Ball is a year-round, non-profit, special needs athletic league. We strive to provide non-competitive sports and special events to individuals who have physical, intellectual and/or developmental disabilities to give them an opportunity to play sports, regardless of their disabilities. There is a long list of sports that are part of the Buddy Ball program including bowling, street hockey, basketball, soccer, baseball and flag football. The nature of these activities teaches teamwork, promotes self-esteem, turn-taking, physical fitness, and social skills. The league also strengthens support networks for our athletes and their families.

The program serves adults and children ages 3 and up in Montgomery County and surrounding areas. There’s no charge for participating in any of the sports or activities.

Additional special events may include the Buddy Ball Prom, Easter Egg Hunt, and a Christmas Party.

How Does Buddy Ball Work?

Each sport is recreated in a way so no matter what the abilities of the athlete, they are able to participate and enjoy sports and recreational activities. We utilize volunteer “buddies” to assist the athletes while teaching the fundamentals of the games.

There is NO COST to participate and NO PRACTICE, JUST FUN!

At the end of each season, the athletes receive medals to celebrate their dedication to their teams and to honor their participation in the sports.