How the games are played

Buddy Ball Special Needs Athletic League How the games are played


Buddy Ball celebrates the abilities of each athlete.  We manipulate the sports of Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, and Cheerleading so no matter what the abilities of the athlete are, they will be able to participate and have fun.  We still teach the basic understanding and fundamentals of the games. At the end of each season, each athlete receives a trophy to celebrate their dedication to their team and to honor their participation in the sports.


There are no strikes, no outs, and everyone makes it back to home plate.  We have a batting machine available when needed.  The athletes receive hats and shirts.  In the 2013 season,  Buddy Ball Baseball had 12 teams with over 200 athletes participating.


We combined the teams by ability and utilize the ‘buddies’ to assist the athletes in playing basketball.  We have 12 teams and 4 start times.  All games are half-court.   The athletes receive a Team shirt. Again, we celebrate the abilities and do not worry about if the ball went out of bounds. In the 2014 season, we had 173 players participating.


This is the most difficult sport to manipulate due to the nature of the game.  But it is one of the most popular sports.  We have 5 ramps to assist players with the game.   In the 2014 season, we had 181 Players.


Several of our athletes have taken advantage of our cheerleading program. The cheerleaders receive shirts and pom-poms.  Local High School Cheerleading Squads donate their time to coach.  The cheerleaders cheer during basketball season. They learn the most current cheers.