Charles is full of life and just wanted to be accepted as himself. His mother searched and searched to find something that he could do and she just happened to find Buddy Ball. Since then, Charles has learned how to play on a team and has excelled at basketball. Buddy Ball has given him the opportunity to be like his older brother who plays alongside him. Because of Buddy Ball Charles gets to spend time with people who are just like him. Last year he was barely making any baskets but now he makes basket after basket by himself. Charles’ mother is grateful for the Buddy Ball League and for the chance for her son to learn and do something she never thought he would be able to do.

Buddy Ball relies entirely on private donations from local civic organizations, and the kindness of others to offer this wonderful program.

Help give someone that chance to learn how to play a sport and participate on a team by donating to Buddy Ball online.




You can also make a donation by sending a check to

Progressive Directions, Inc.
1249 Paradise Hill Road
Clarksville, TN 37040