Stories of Us

Christmas Party

A Buddy Story

Betty’s Story
My first experience with Buddy Ball was a couple of years ago, when
Margaret ask Charter Communications to become a Sponsor. Not knowing
what to expect, once the Baseball game started, it was nothing less than
The Parents and the Coaches are so appreciative to know that there are
folks out there willing to help and they work very hard to make this the
best experience possible for the children as well as the Buddy’s.
Needless to say, we all have a good time…
Being a Buddy has been the most rewarding thing I have ever done. Once
you see how hard these children try and the smiles on their faces, the
rewards are endless… These loving children start to look to you with
so much trust and loving smiles, that I look forward to ball night as
much as they do…
These children have a special place in my heart and each year you just
love them more… Now I know why they call it Buddy Ball, they become
your Buddy’s for life… When the season is over, you find yourself
looking forward to each season even more than the last…
I would like to say a very special thanks to Margaret, for giving us the
opportunity to be a part of something so very special…

Betty Miller
Charter Communications

A Parent’s Story
Gene and Karen Smith Story
Buddy Ball has been such a blessing for our family. It helps us to interact with other families who face challenges similar to ours. We also value the time we spend at Buddy Ball as a family, while our daughter is developing as a person.

Our daughter looks forward to each event and getting to know all of her new friends. She has gained so much confidence from the cheers and encouraging words or high fives from buddies or teammates. We love to see her smile while she interacts with others. It is so great to see all the athletes participating and so excited. The best part is seeing them all cheering for and encouraging each other instead of focusing on competing against each other.

We are so thankful to all who work to make Buddy Ball successful. It has been wonderful for our daughter’s development and for our family as a whole. We appreciate the commitment of everyone involved, and want them to know they have made a difference.

Gene and Karen Smith

Trudy Sanders Story

I am the parent of Adam Sanders. I would like to tell you about how much Buddy Ball has affected our family. Buddy Ball has let Adam show everyone that he can do things that were once thought impossible for him. Buddy Ball gave him the opportunity to make people believe in his abilities. Before Buddy Ball there were people that were convinced that Adam would never play sports, make friends, be a productive citizen, or know how to have fun! I can not express how grateful I am to the Buddy Ball Organization.

The Larry Wallace Grant was awarded to Adam this year and it has helped pay for much needed occupational therapy that insurance would not pay for. Buddy Ball has played a very big role in helping me show the rest of the family that there is more to Adam than autism. I have a saying, “Adam has autism, and autism DOES NOT have Adam”. The games are played at each child’s level of participation and that makes everyone a winner! Other family members are now accepting that Adam can do and be anything he is encouraged to do or be, something that was not even considered just a year ago. Buddy Ball has brought this family much closer and has especially helped Dad see that his son can play sports, which is most every father’s dream to be able to play catch with their son.

I want to thank Ms. Margaret from the bottom of my heart for helping me show the world that Adam has the potential to do much more than what once was thought. Thank you so much for being a big part of Adam’s life and progress in his journey with autism!

Trudy Sanders

An Athlete’s Story

Adam Sanders’ Story
Adam is a 6 year old boy that has autism. Adam joined Buddy Ball in November 2007. Buddy Ball has done so much for him it is amazing. It has helped him become more social and improved his self-esteem. He has learned to catch, throw, bounce, and shoot a basketball. He has also learned how to bowl and tolerate crowds and a party atmosphere, something he could not do until he joined Buddy Ball. He wants to be a part of a group now, something he had no interest in before Buddy Ball. It has helped him learn to use his muscles and improve his motor skills. He has made friends and enjoys being included in things.

He loves seeing Ms. Margaret and Hannah, his buddy. It has helped him become more self aware of things like stimming, he tries real hard not to stim at buddy ball, which is a really good thing for a child with autism. He loves getting out and interacting with other kids and the trophies he gets at the end of each sporting event are his prize possessions! Buddy Ball has played a very big part in his progress, and I truly believe played an even bigger part in bringing him out of the autism “fog” he was in. He is very proud of himself and has no trouble telling anyone that will listen to him that he plays Buddy Ball.

Buddy Ball has not only improved Adam in many different ways, it has changed his quality of life in a very positive way. Thanks so much for having this wonderful program for our kids!

Trudy Sanders